About me

Ears, noses and sinuses are my whole world. My name is Michał Michalik, I am an ENT specialist and making my patients able to breathe well brings me satisfaction and joy.

My areas of expertise are diagnosis and treatment of: nose and sinus diseases, snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, and upper respiratory tract infections. I am collaborating with the world’s best treatment centers to help my patients with these diseases.

I have developed two patents for sampling high diagnostic materials from the nasal sinuses. I am also an expert in treating complications after failed medical procedures, such as perforation of the nasal septum.

I have crafted my skills from many years of performing various surgeries in the head and neck area known as the most difficult operating region.

Dr MM S1E1

a series of talks with amazing guests - my patients! We talk about sinuses, breathing and other laryngological disorders. Take a look!

Scientific publications

nasal septum perforation - new treatment methods


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What do I do?

diagnostics and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea

diagnostics and treatment of ear diseases

diagnostics and treatment of barotraumas

diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the throat

larynx surgery

services in aviation medicine and occupational medicine


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